Release of AtomicReverb 1.2

MolecularBytes releases the room- and reverb processor plug-in AtomicReverb 1.2.

Version 1.2 adds new features including performance- and quality improvements, A/B program comparison, "Easy" user-interface, skinning and more.

New features in detail:

  • "Easy" (One-Page) interface mode to have access to all important parameters on ONE page
  • 2D-Flat skin type and skin-selection option
  • A/B Program Comparison and A to B, B to A copy function
  • Spectrum-Analyzer in EQ display


  • Improved performance for reverb-tail type 'room'
  • Improved processing of early-reflection "spread" parameter

User of earlier versions will get the update for free. A free trial version and user manuals will be available for download.

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