Release of AtomicTransient

We just have released version 1.0 of our new and innovative polyphonic multichannel transient effect plug-in atomictransient.

In addition to percussion and drums, atomictransient processes polyphonic instruments and mixes as well and allows to process polyphonic signals "note-based" without touching other sounding notes. 

Three independent channels can be defined for processing different effect settings at the same time. 

Some more core features of atomictransient:

  • input filtered transient detection
  • three independent processing channels
  • monophonic and polyphonic processing
  • ADSR envelope and LFO-Filter effects
  • channel mixer with output effect filter 
  • graphical live displays to visualize signal, processing and signal's ADSR 
  • input and output level meter 
  • gain and auto-gain modifier
  • moderate CPU usage (up to 100 instances possible) 
  • MIDI controlling + integrated MIDI learn 
  • multipurpose factory Presets 
  • preset-browser, user- and factory-preset grouping, copy & paste presets to clipboard 
  • A/B program comparison 
  • resizable user interface and two different Skins 
  • executable standalone-application (Windows only)

 The plug-in is available for Windows (VST2/VST3) and Mac (AU/VST2/VST3) for 32 and 64 bit.

Take a look at the product page