AtomicTransient - Effect Plug-In

The new kind of transient processing

New polyphonic transient processing revives your creativity!

atomictransient is a polyphonic multichannel transient effect plugin which processes not only percussion and drums - also detected notes of solo or polyphonic instruments like guitar- and piano-recordings or complete mixes (from sample-loops or recordings) can be adjusted with filter-effects, common dynamics or an innovative new envelope-overwrite. 

Reshape your instruments as easy as you do with your synthesizer!

atomictransient - the world's first polyphonic transient tool.

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AtomicReverb - Effect Plug-In

Advanced algorithmic reverb

atomicreverb is an algorithm based room- and reverb plugin and application for VST/AudioUnits.

Designed to create most realistic sound in aspect to quality and performance.

Based on evolved algorithms, atomicreverb creates warm, dense and impressive room-acoustics with maximum flexibility - without being bound to static room-presentation files needed by convolution/IR reverbs.

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