Ready for macOS Monterey

We have successfully tested atomicreverb and atormictransient on macOS Monterey. Since no notarization is possible for atomicreverb, you may have to explicitly allow the setup after the download.

Ready for BigSur

We have updated the installers of our plugins so they are ready for BigSur (OS-X 11). Both installers have been provided with new signing certificates and additionally, we added notarization for the AtomicTransient installer which can be used for OS-X 10.14 and higher.

So if you have issues installing the plugins, we recommend you to get this latest versions!

AtomicTransient updated to version 1.1

Our polyphonic transient effect plug-in atomictransient got an update to version 1.1.0. NEW: AAX is also now supported.

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AtomicTransient test report in german music magazine

The german music magazine KEYS tested AtomicTransient in issue September/17: "Thanks to three channels and a polyphonic function, it (AtomicTransient) opens up areas of application which are not possible with conventional transient formers."