• Create Space!

    atomicreverb's sound brings density and depth to your production

  • Transient's new era!

    Unheard polyphonic transient processing revives your creativity with atomictransient

  • Ready for macOS Monterey

    2022-01-14 07:05:19
    We have successfully tested atomicreverb and atormictransient on macOS Monterey. Since no notarization is possible for atomicreverb, you may have to explicitly allow the setup after the download.
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  • Ready for BigSur

    2021-01-18 07:05:19
    We have updated the installers of our plugins so they are ready for BigSur (OS-X 11). Both installers have been provided with new signing certificates and additionally, we added notarization
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  • Our polyphonic transient effect plug-in atomictransient got an update to version 1.1.0. NEW: AAX is also now supported.
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